Falling for Italy

So it is time to go to Italy again. Not going on vacation in the summer means waiting. However, now that autumn is here, the very first fall trip has arrived.


They say that the week before vacation is the most productive week of your year. I know it and believe it! Or perhaps it is a purposeful postponement of packing – Dai!!! (Italian for ugh).

I hope to provide a journal of this trip. My one disappointment last time was that I was not able to provide pictures in real time, and had to wait until I returned to add them. We will see what happens.

There has been a lot of rain in Italy one the past month, and I mean torrential type. In the town of Rionero in Vulture in southern Italy, which is the Cardone hometown, the rain has been pouring down the steep steps of the city and onto the streets. Yesterday in the north in Florence it was a day of heavy rains.

Let us hope it has run its course. The fall seems to be similar to Pittsburgh – a little cooler at night, and in the 80 degree range during the day.

Why You Go to Italy!

This trip will be somewhat different from some previous ones. The Emirate airline deal was a great one, however the result was flying in and out of  Milan. The trip will be one of planes, trains, and automobiles.


Upon arriving in Milan Malpensa Airport, one needs to take the bus to the city and Milan Central Station.  Then it is  a two hour train ride to Verona, our first stop. This line runs Milan east to Venice.

Our host Federica DeRossi, makes the visit there a special one. She suggests great side trips, such a Vallegio Sul Mincio, or Sirmeone on Lake Garda. Federica knows the best restaurants, and is always on point. And nothing beats having a Spritz in Piazza Erbe in the late afternoon.


Piazza Erbe, Verona

Our stay in Verona will be for 2 days. I alway act like I will be there for a month, and plan to do more than is possible. It is afterall, the time of the vendemmia, and Verona is the home to Valpolicella, and a taste of a Ripasso or an Amarone is obligatory!



From Verona, we will be flying to Bari, on the Adriatic Coast in Southern Italy. There are a number of low cost air carriers, and the prices are very reasonable. The flight is a little over an hour. Since we are in Italy a limited number of days, this serves to cut down on driving or going by train.

I will post again when we reach Verona!




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