Pizza in the Italy Plan

Now that my head is full of made up words & numbers – confirmation numbers, flight numbers, passwords – and my  virtual wallet is jammed with credit cards, boarding passes, and bookings, it is time to focus on what is important.


And what would that be? PIZZA. I try to do some research in advance on the best each city has to offer in pizza. Some are repeats – but that is ok because it was good and that is never a bad thing.


Yet how can something that is made of flour, water, salt, and yeast deliver? The pizza is light and airy, hangs over your plate, and appeals to the eye in every way!


Perhaps because taking the simplicity of making the dough, adding quality ingredients combined with the art of cooking in a wood-fired oven at 900 degrees – well am i making my point?


The passion with which the Pizzaiolo or maker of pizza in Italy speaks of their trade, well it takes it to another level.


I have visited the Caputo Flour Factory in Naples, saw a 5th generation maker of mozzarella di bufula, went to Acunto Napoli where they have built wood fired ovens for 4 generations, and heard a lecture from a professor at the University of Naples speak about EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). If that is not taking serious this art, and it is an art, then what is?


So i will begin in Verona where I have learned of a pizzeria called Sapore. Sapore means wisdom, and perhaps the pizza rises to the occasion because of the wisdom of owner Renato Bosco. He is considered one of the great bread making experts in Italy.

I have known of a pizzeria in the Amalfi Coast called Da Cardone – yes the same name as mine. When I booked a hotel in the town of Vico Equense, I did not know that this pizzeria was 6 blocks from where we are staying!!


I am fortunate to return to Naples, where I trained to become a Pizzaiolo. I worked with owner Rosario Piscopo, and very much look forward to returning to see my co-workers at Mondo Pizza.


I am going to leave some suprises for you. Honestly there are so many great pizzerias in Naples, that I cannot possibly get to all of them.

Pulcinella Statue in Naples

That being said, I am going to have to rely on the wisdom of Pulcinella to guide me when I make the final decision on who gets the nod in Naples. He often guides me in choosing which pizzas to make at home, and gets a shout out when things go according to plan.



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