When did you Arrive in Verona, Italy?

Market Day in Piazza Erbe


Piazza Erbe

On the train to Verona we passed Desenzano del Garda, on Lake Garda. This was at 3:30, or 15:30 p m on Tuesday, September 20th. This is close to the Porta Nuovo Station in Verona.

Began Monday with late afternoon flight to JFK. Then an Emirates cross Atlantic flight to Milan. Took a train to the central train station in Milan. Last was a train from Milan to Verona. Did I mention the taxi ride to our stay in Verona?

Now I have to hand it to Emirates. Start you off with a moist toilette. To boot, they have a camera on the front of the craft to show takeoffs and landings. Food. Well they sort of get it, but how much do you have to do to surpass the other airlines? So,they “get it on a lot of levels.” Get it?

We were pretty fortunate in that everything worked out well. We discovered the Trentilia ticket kiosk was only taking cash from a gypsy, willing to help you get your train ticket, for a small price of course. But it was worth it, for without her help we miss the train. Waiting in line to get a ticket takes forever as there was one window open!!!

That did mean hustling to  the right binario, carozza (car), seat, and getting our luggage stored on the train. We could not hear the stops nor see the signs outside the window, however it turned out the man sitting next to us, l lawyer trying a case in Milan, was from Verona!

When we did arrive, our gracious host Federica was there to greet us. We toured the newly renovated apartments. All I can say is wow! Check out how her hard work paid off.


Arena di Verona, Piazza Bra


So I have bee up for about 2 days. Did manage to walk from PIazza Erbe to Piazza Bra. Madonna has an apartment in beautiful PIazza Bra. Verona has the third largest colosseum in  Europe. Adele perfomed here last summer.

Now Verona is famous for being home to Romeo and Juliet. In c ourtyard you can see both the balcony of Shakespeare fame, and the statue of “Giulietta.” Notice that her breast is shiny. Good luck to hold onto it. Love see the elderly Italian men and women, get next to her for a photo!

When coming to Verona, getting an afternoon “Spritz” with some potato chips and olives, and sitting at an outdoor cafe at Piaza Bra or Piazza Erbe is pretty doggone special. It is definitely a tradition of the Cardone and Miller family women.

So the Spritz is made of Aperol or Campari, white wine, throw in some San Pellefrino, and garnish with an orange. Refreshing.

Birra alla Spina e’ Lo Spritz

And one last story. Birra all Spina is just beer from the tap or “spine.” Last time in Verona we went to a wine bar that had great little crostini. I liked the beer glass, and this time remembered to ask if I could buy one. The bartender wraps it beautifully, and says “my gift to you!” Being engaging, trying to speak language, asking for advice all brings out the genuine warmth of the Italian people!!










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