North and South

“Siri, set alarm for 4 am.” Taxi shows up promptly at 5 am for early jaunt to Verona airport. 6:45 takeoff and one hour and five minutes later we land in Bari on the Adriatic Coast.

Fetching our luggage was a non issue. We were 2 of 6 who checked luggage as rest carried on. And soon we were off in our Fiat 500 L.

img_0763We headed straight for Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site. While this was a town of the conical roof shaped houses, along the way we saw more truly, some occupied and some abandoned.

What an impressive sir! We saw massive olive groves surrounded by white stone walls along the way.  The corners of the fields sometimes has fallen trulli.

Puglia looks like Puglia. It is unique with its cities of whiteashed stone basking in the sun. The trulli make it unlike by far the square shaped Tuscan colored homes.


We then headed for home base, which is Molfetta on the Adriatic Coast. Very statuesque, very sea like with breakers and an array of boats –  from recreational to row boats to serious fishing vessels.

Looking forward to exploring Molfetta more, and sharing.










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